"Cien años de trayectoria ganándonos su confianza" 

Our history

We are a family business, founded in 1923, dedicated to manufacturing, packing, and export of table olives. One hundred years of professional and family history of which we feel proud and fortunate, and during which we have been growing and adapting to the continuous needs of the market, transferring the experience acquired from generation to generation, as well as our business and personal commitment.

Based in Marchena (Seville), we have an excellent human team, which is essential for the proper functioning of the company. Currently, we are exporting to 30 countries around the world, which leads us to adapt to very different markets and needs, listening to our customers and introducing continuous improvements and innovations in our processes to satisfactorily meet their needs, all based on our commitment and the relationships of trust established with them, and characterizing ourselves at all times by our adaptability and flexibility, both with clients and with the demands that come from the market.


Today, 100 years after the founding of our company, and already in its fourth generation, we remain faithful and committed to the pillars with which our family began this business journey.

Last news
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